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Benvenuti - Welcome - Willkommen - Bienvenue - Bienvenido

There is nothing more beautiful than to spend time with friends, with fellow adventures but also with rivals, are treasured moments, share experiences and ideas, we try to learn from each other advising and observing; is this what we like.
We share a passion, values, history, and above all a great time together, it is then that you are creating energy and you can feel in the air.
They want to be the i Tuscania Adventure Team.

CRT 2017

On January 6, 2017 took place the third edition of the CHIANTI ROGAINING TROPHY. Exciting competition of endurance in orienteering score mode 3, 6 and 12 hours reserved for athletes and non, runners and cyclists, national and international… here are the results, the split times and strategies.

The Team

From the founders of the athletes, including veterans, sailors and knights, all you need to know the components of the Team i Tuscania.

Our story

Tuscania Florentia was the name of the team to his birth in June 2012. The story told in our own words, a lot of hard work and the satisfaction of achieving goals then unthinkable.

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Wild and balanced race

Present at CRT paired with Giuliana Arrigoni. First time I was attending a Rogaining and we really enjoyed. Another thing I liked is that in almost six hours of race we have not encountered anyone but deer, foxes, squirrels and a couple of teams in passing… Beautiful places! The right combination of orientation and trail.

Marco Colombo, Atleta multisports Nirvana Verde

Superlatives Team

CRT: Say thank you to the organizers for such treatment would say it’s a little obvious !!! See you next rogaining, guys… You are superlatives !!!!!

Laura Incerti, Officer Forest

Contagion risk !!!

I Tuscania are a dangerous virus, stubborn and able to give everything to the end of the finish line wherever it is, to know how to do it before even thinking about what to do. Contagion risk !!!

Giacomo Certosi, Winemaker

Really funny

Too much fun today, now get lost and find yourself where you do not imagine to be… the gps track of the route that looked like the flight of a fly eading… Those of … “That group of houses! “

Gianluca Gaggioli, UISP Responsabile area trail running

Unforgettable race environment

A big thank you to the organizers: I Tuscania, assisted by IKP and Maladrini, offered a high profile event. The territory where we ran is very nice, “orienteering like” valid and valuable landscapes; the technical level of the event proper: the strategy was not at all obvious and paper, although there is some editing to do, suitable; logistics and awards to the top. It was a great edition of the Chianti Rogaining Trophy !!!

Emiliano Corona, Top Orientista LA SPORTIVA

A great emotion

Chianti Rogaining Trophy is the culmination of the spirit of I Tuscania. Besides the legs, as well as the heart and the passion, there is sure to find its way if faced with terrain and obstacles roughest you have a friend nearby who suffers and rejoices with you. Between the hills and forests dotted with wonderful relics of the past, through improbable paths, every breath and every step you away from yourself and bring you closer to the vision of the heart of things. Chianti Rogaining Trophy is not a race, it’s an emotion.

Francesco Bruni, Manager