The Rogaining offers many benefits, but its real attraction is the fun!

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If you like Nature – not only to look at but to dive into and conquer – get together with friends and share this exciting sport: with just a map and a compass, you can test your teamwork skills and navigating abilities in a new adventure called ROGAINING.
Rogaining is fun! “if you are not having fun you are not doing it properly” – Conclusion of the final competitor briefing at the 2016 World Rogaining Championships.

However, rogaining also offers serious benefits:

– Balance:The purpose of rogainers is to achieve balance between physical effort and mental concentration; in fact, knowing how to manage one’s own energy and plan one’s own itinerary is the ideal training to achieve optimum body/mind balance.

– Self-reliance: Rogainers perform in close contact with nature; the management of one’s own physical and mental resources as well as food and energy supply, means control and self-reliance, qualities that are essential to the whole team, especially in challenging circumstances.

– Decision-making ability: Getting your bearings in a natural environment, and resolving problems – two paramount qualities of the rogainers, require making quick and frequent decisions, especially at a competitive level, to improve performance: “shall I go left or right? Should I go over that hill, or around it?” This type of choice comes up all the time during the competition, and requires reactive and instinctive thinking; that’s why rogaining is sometimes called “the sport of thought”.

– Mental clarity: More than in most other sports, it is essential to keep mental clarity even under pressure and fatigue, especially during a competition.

– Fitness: Rogaines take place in a variety of terrains, but all of them offer some kind of challenge: steep, rugged, irregular: an ideal “natural” gym, to develop true full body fitness.

– Cardiovascular exercise Rogaine training – be it walking, jogging, trekking or running – enhances aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness.

– Good mood and relaxation: Exercising outdoors – often in pristine natural settings – brings health benefits that far exceed those of indoor sports: all five senses benefit from the prolonged exposure to open air and sunlight, favouring the natural absorption of oxygen and calcium, stimulating the immune system, and inducing a state of calm and wellbeing.

– Self-esteem Courage, strength and stamina are necessary to handle a Rogaine: overcoming the physical and psychological obstacles inherent in exploring an unknown territory reinforces self-esteem, both individually and as a team.

– Self-control Practicing a team sport helps to gain more self-trust but is also beneficial to those who are overly-confident and self-centred: continuous interaction and cooperation with the other team members is the basis of this sport.

– Social relations:Being part of the rogaining community is a great way to socialize. Not only during competitions and within a team, but also before and after, and with competitors, in the true spirit of sportsmanship.

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