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General information

The Italian Championship Rogaining (Hereinafter CIR) is the set of competitions Rogaining on Italian territory, endurance races in orienteering mode score of 3, 6 or 12 hours reserved for national and international athletes. Through this regulation are defined solely and exclusively the rules of participation in the CIR, ranking and awards; each event will have complete independence of regulation, both for security and organizational issues.

Valid championship races and subcategories Art. 1

The races comprising the CIR are listed below with specific subcategories with rights to participate:

  • 04/01/2015 CRT Chianti Rogaining Trophy – Troghi, Rignano sull’Arno – FLORENCE
    (Organize I Tuscania – Prato IKP)
    • 3 Hours Rogaining
    • 6 Hours Rogaining
  • 07/18/2015 San Clemente ‘s # 27 Rogaining – San Clemente in Valle, Loro Ciuffenna – Arezzo
    (Organize Banda Marauders – Prato IKP)
    • 3 Hours Rogaining
    • 6 Hours Rogaining
  • 10/25/2015 Medieval Italian Rogaining – San Gimignano – SIENA
    (Organize IKP Prato)
    • 3 Hours Rogaining
    • 6 Hours Rogaining
    • 12 Hours Rogaining

Participation rules Art. 2

All teams will respect the following rules will be included in the ranking CIR:

  • Team has participated in at least two of the three competitions of the CIR;
  • The team name or part of it should be maintained for all races in which the team has participated and will have to be recognizable and traceable at the same team;
  • The teams will vary at each competition both in number and in participating components with the requirement of a “just” competitor present in all the events to which the team will participate;
  • It has never been disqualified;
  • No athlete of the team is serving suspensions for use of performance-enhancing drugs in any discipline.

Scores, standings and awards Art. 3

The final result valid for the ranking CIR will be the sum total of points gained in individual events previously multiplied by a factor according to the following table:

Single event held Multiplication factor
Rogaining 3 hours X 1
Rogaining 6 hours X 2
Rogaining 12 hours X 4

In case of a tie Ex aequo will be made the sum of the times of individual events and will win who took the least time. Prizes will be awarded only the members of the winning team who will have attended at least two of the three competitions of the CIR.

The final ranking will be determined upon arrival of the event Oct. 25, 2015 in San Gimignano and on that occasion will be awarded the following category:

  • Absolute first class General Rogaining

Related sites and contacts Art. 4

Official website


Phone: Massimo +39 338 346 6555

Jury and complaints Art. 5

The organization also serves as a jury. Any complaints must be formulated within 30 minutes after the conclusion of the race of October 25, 2015 in San Gimignano. The Panel’s decision will be communicated to the teams involved before the award ceremony. The jury’s decision is final. In order to avoid the proliferation of sterile and useless complaints, it is required a deposit of Euro 100.00 per team which will be returned only if the merits of the dispute.

Regulation changes Art. 6

The organization reserves the right to modify these rules by giving detailed communication to the team.

Acceptance of the rules Art. 7

Participants with enrollment in at least two of the three events of the CIR accept all points of this Regulation and the individual regulations of the race.