Federico Caldini

Founder – Athlete

The centerpiece of i Tuscania. Self-centered, eccentric, is the perfectionist of the group. Do not miss a race, you train every day and it is in the money every time. He has participated in many of the major national Ultra Trail and objectives have not been achieved yet …

Favorite race: Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

Riccardo Caldini

Founder – Athlete

He runs to stay with friends but loves cycling, both racing and mountain biking. He gets angry easily if you are planning a rogaining.

Favorite races: Gran Fondo bike Etruscan Coast, Elba Ultra Trail.

Filippo Ghiandelli


Known as the “mouth”, the founder together with Federico and Riccardo Team, the largest enhancer follies never lived in Valdarno; he retired to family life for a few years and no one has ever seen! From Goofy finds the child in you and come back to play with i Tuscania!

Favorite race: Rewoolution Raid Summer.

Marco Castagneri

Athlete – Veteran

“Captain,” physical tenacious hardened from the sea port in the group wisdom of the sailor and the strength of the stormy sea, only when necessary. Can not you hear, can not you see … but it is always ready when you need it!

Favorite race: Scarpirampi.

Andrea Caccialupi


“The Buttero” after doing it for years horse trekking in half of Italy for a while ‘discovered to be able to even run, common denominator “Adventure”. Still you have to stop! Who knows where it will arrive?

Favorite races: Nirvana Raid, Me.It.Ing Rogaining San Gimignano.

Giacomo Certosi

Athlete – Cartographer

His spot is “I run to drink, I drink to eat.” If it were not for him the team meetings would only bread and water. Passionate enjoy, do not understand why every now trying their hand at racing Ultra Trail of 100 km.

Favorite race: Lavaredo Ultra Trail 119 km.

Francesco Bruni

Athlete – Veteran

Named “Er Director”, brings into play his vast experience as a manager but also to ultra Running maraton, married in the full spirit of the Tuscania: beer, evenings with friends and dreams!

Favorite race: The next.

Beatrice Di Dante

Athlete and not only …

Team calls her “The Girl,” one of the good reasons why go for a run from morning to evening. Athletics and particularly brought to the adventures of a group.

Favorite race: Mud Run all together.


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