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General information

The CRT, Chianti Rogaining Trophy is one stages of the Italian Rogaining Championship. It is a competition of endurance in a manner orienteering score of 3 hours (RL3H ludic mobility), 6 hours (R06H) and 12 hours (R12H) reserved for athletes and non-runners and cyclists, national and international.

Art. 1

The Race Office will be located at the Recreation Club in the Plaza of the Resistance 2 places Troghi Rignano Sull’Arno (FI), ITALY; The start and finish will be in the square adjacent to the structure. You can take advantage of the showers and changing rooms and for any overnights in the Public Gym always near the Race Office. Lunch and awards ceremony will be held at the “Iris theater” in Cellai, a village about 1 km from Troghi towards Incisa Valdarno.

Competition terrain Art. 2

The race takes place on a hilly mountain villages will be crossed Florentine inaccessible forests of oaks, brooms and brambles, beautiful vineyards of Chianti and old fields, and now abandoned, monasteries, medieval churches and majestic villas. The altitude varies from 150 meters to 800 meters above sea levels and the area where the event will take place is about 100 square kilometers. The whole track is done in orientation and there will be no directional information of the route.

Maps and cartography Art. 3

The cartography of the map was designed by Team de Tuscania with the OCAD software through processing of the Regional cartography Toscana 10k in orographic representation in contour lines, geo-referenced aerial photos as well as reliefs of the territory through Team GPS tracks. They have been removed most of the political and topographical indications. The map scale is 1: 25000 with equidistance of 10 meters. You will be given a map to every athlete for both Rogaining races MTB-R before departure as scheduled. Will be printed on paper impregnated type Pretex, anti-tear and very resistant to oil, water and grease in size A3 + specification for cartography, however, you may want to gear up in case of rain with door suitable map. The detail and adopted symbols are mixed aimed at the pure spirit Rogaining. In the paper are marked with the various control points indicating the lanterns, any supplies of drinking water and service outlets, more than a few points of interest at the discretion of the organization. Will not be shown fences, railings, chains and private properties unless specific areas enough not to cause environmental naturalistic restrictions.

Lanterns / Ckeck Point Art. 4

On each control point highlighted on the map is a lantern formed by a triangular prism with lateral faces of white-orange measuring 30 x 30 cm. All lanterns are provided with unique identification code to verify that the lantern is the right one, and electronic detection system “SPORTident”, with the possibility of mechanical punching in case of malfunctions. (SI-compatible version CARD6 and above, excluding SIAC). The checkpoints will be forty-five (45) distributed throughout the race. The score of each lantern will correspond to the value of ten of its identification code, such as the control point 37 will be worth 30 points, the control point 89 will be worth 80 points, the point 81 always 80 points. If lanterns are used extra and / or score multipliers these will be shown.

Security Art. 5

The safety of all participants, volunteers and rescue personnel has priority over any other needs.

In case of urgent medical care enable the following number wherever you are:

118                Emergency medical care

For any early departure or during the event need to contact the following mobile numbers (also printed on the map):

3356205370 – Francesco

3463670220 – Federico

3456672068 – Riccardo

3286652746 – Giacomo

The ambulance will be present for the entire duration of the event. In order to participate in the race requires a good experience in mountain hill, a great physical workout and have participated in similar events. It ‘also required self-sufficient food and water the area for holding the event is comprised of various roads open to vehicular traffic, all participants are required to strictly observe the articles of the Highway Code. In addition, throughout the wooded area there are dangers of various kinds, such as, for example, ravines, ditches, streams, washouts, trees and branches and other obstacles in danger. Athletes are required to assess the most suitable route according to their technical and athletic priority being their own and others’ safety. Given the winter period for holding the event, there may be particularly unfavorable weather conditions, with the presence of snow, ice, high winds or rains, athletes are required to wear appropriate clothing and material conditions of climate and soil of the race. Participants are nevertheless responsible for their own safety.

In the event that a competitor retires, will have to make their own to get to the point of arrival, and must give immediate notice by telephone or by SMS to the organization. If they were to take action unnecessary searching for missed communications costs will be charged directly to the participant.

Registration and cost Art. 6

You can make entries on the website where you will see the prices for each category of race and accessory options.

Necessary conditions in order to register:

  1. be 18 years before the date of the race;
  2. for minors, it is mandatory condition to have the permission of the parent or legal guardian;
  3. R12H / R06H – It is essential to present a medical certificate valid and disclaimer;
  4. RL3H – It is essential to present disclaimer;
  5. cannot participate in athletes who are serving suspensions for use of performance-enhancing drugs in any discipline;
  6. the competitor must be aware of the risks involved (cold, dark, water wind and snow) and needs to know to deal unaided adverse climatic conditions that may arise.

IMPORTANT: The delivery of the medical certificate and a release of liability and discharge declarations may be loading the electronic format directly in the process of online registration or by mail by sending to or alternatively you can deliver it as the definition enrollment (all files are downloaded from portal).

IMPORTANT: You will need to provide all members of the team of SPORTident, so it is expected the opportunity to rent the SPORTident booking through the registration form.

You can buy separately luncheon vouchers and / or coupons Appetizer-Dinner for companions and athletes by booking them at registration (limited number reservation required).

Anyone with special dietary requirements please report them well in advance during registration and notify them by mail to

Material required and recommended Art. 7

The material required for the participation of each individual athlete in the race is the minimum equipment:

  • Compass (at least one team);
  • Whistle;
  • Thermal rain jacket and clothing suitable for the annual period (usually very cold);
  • Mobile phone with fully charged battery for emergency (the number provided at registration);
  • First Aid Kit consists of solar cover for survival, an elastic band and tourniquet (at least one per team);

In addition to the equipment required minimum recommended the following material:

  • Backpack;
  • Water tank capacity of 1 liter (only 6 h);
  • Food, gels, and / or energy bars;
  • Headlampwith extra batteries;
  • Lights reports bike (only team Mtb);
  • A kit for repairing tires (only team Mtb);
  • First aid kit (disinfectant, sterile gauze, elastic mesh, plaster roll);
  • Cash;
  • Waterproof map holder;
  • Gloves;
  • Intimate parts;
  • Socks parts;
  • Hat or bandana;
  • Telescopic poles;
  • Type trail running shoes;
  • Thermal clothing.

Animals following Art. 8

In view of the fact that the area is rich in wildlife, and the fact that the event in itself could lead to a shock to the animals, the organization has decided to ban the race with pets as long as required to lead and / or under strict control.

Rules for participation in Art. 9

  • R12H and R06H – The teams will be composed of 2,3,4 or 5 members with the obligation to remain together for the entire route;
  • RL3H – Teams can be individual or be composed of 2,3,4 or 5 members with the obligation to remain together for the entire route;
  • Each team can choose the order in which to find the control points according to their capacities and road conditions (altitude, etc.);
  • We will provide all members of the team single-use bracelets that must necessarily be closed with the SPORTident ID assigned prior to departure and release made exclusively by the organization at the time of discharge data (disqualification);
  • In case of breakage or loss of the bracelet SPORTident, the team must immediately contact the organization, report the position and follow the signs that will be communicated at the time;
  • All team members should carry the same electronic punching (SPORTident) and / or mechanical pain of disqualification of the entire team;
  • In the event of a tie, the team that wins it took less time to achieve it;
  • Penalties in case of delay beyond the time limit:
Delay time in minutes after the race Points subtracted from the total realized
<   5 min 50   points
< 10 min 100 points
< 15 min 200 points
< 20 min 300 points
< 25 min 400 points
< 30 min 500 points
After 30 min Disqualification
  • The race will take place in case of bad weather, each team must choose the path in relation to weather conditions and is free to withdraw at any time believed to be appropriate;
  • The team can not get any help from the outside disqualification (except in the case of injury or accident);
  • In case of withdrawal of one or more components, the entire team will be disqualified (this must be communicated to the telephone number on the map and on the Regulation);
  • The minimum time also counted in the case of early return will be 10 hours fo R12H, 5 hours for R06H and free for RL3H;
  • Each member of each team is committed to provide assistance to any injured athlete or serious problems with the obligation to notify the organization immediately.

Reasons for disqualification Art. 10

  • Separation of the team members (all components must go and get together with control points);
  • Punching discord among SPORTident component of team;
  • SPORTident mono use bracelets tampered before unloading data;
  • Refusal to undergo health checks required by the medical staff;
  • Lack of mandatory equipment required for participation;
  • Refusal to submit to mandatory control material;
  • Failure to Rescue of competitors or injured in serious trouble;
  • Littering of any kind on the ground of race, the event adheres to the “I do not throw my trash” organized by the sports magazine “Spirit Trail”;
  • Behavior is not respectful of nature, private property, the other teams and organizers;
  • Use of vehicles not authorized by the organization;
  • Failure to participate in the pre-race briefing by at least one competitor per team;
  • Exchange / sale of pectoral;
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct.

Counting, testing, ranking and awards Art. 11

Upon arrival, all participants will begin the verification and counting of the points. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:


  • 1st Team ranked overall runners (regardless of the composition of the team);
  • 2nd Team ranked overall runners (regardless of the composition of the team);
  • 3rd Team ranked overall runners (regardless of the composition of the team);
  • 1st Team ranked overall female runners;
  • 1st Team ranked overall mixed runners;


  • 1st Team ranked overall bikers(regardless of the composition of the team);

Participation award for CATEGORY R03H

  • 1st Team ranked overall runners (regardless of the composition of the team);

Being susceptible categories by the number of members and composition of the team, the organization reserves the right to change the prize table until after the official close of entries. For all the rankings and awards have value to the rule of course. In full spirit of orienteering there are no cash prizes. The award ceremony will take place during the lunch after the race.

Art. 12

The organization subscribes liability insurance for the duration of the event.

Jury and complaints
Art. 13

The organization also serves as a Jury. All claims must be raised within 30 minutes after the conclusion of the race. The Panel’s decision will be communicated to the teams interested prior to the ceremony. THE JURY’S DECISIONS ARE UNQUESTIONABLE. In order to avoid the proliferation of sterile and useless complaints, it is required a deposit of Euro 100.00 per team which will be refunded only if the merits of the dispute.

Responsibility statement
Art. 14

By entering the CRT Chianti Trophy Rogaining each entrant agrees to fully and unreservedly some of the rules and the decisions taken by the organization before and during the course of the race. The competitor notes that the race routes open to traffic and off-road can be a risky business for their own health and exempts the organization from any civil and criminal liability for damage to persons or things that should cause before, during and after the event.

Suspension or cancellation of the competition
Art. 15

The organization may at any time decide to cancel, modify or suspend the contest at its sole discretion to ensure the safety of the competitors.

Image rights
Art. 16

The candidates enrolling in the race immediately waive all rights of image, the organization may use photos, video in any way to advertise the event or similar events. There will be the opportunity to purchase photographs taken by the official photographers of the event. For any other photographer “professional” it is forbidden to sell photos or video of the event.

Amendments to regulation
Art. 17

The organization reserves the right to amend these Rules by giving detailed notice at the time of the pre-race briefing at which all the athletes of the team are required to participate.

Release of liability disclaimer
Art. 18

Anyone who signs up to the event called CRT (Chianti Rogaining Trophy) declare under our sole responsibility to be healthy and robust physique, had no contraindications whatsoever to the sport and he did not have medical indications that prevent or make it inadvisable or impose particular limits to any motor practice and sports in general. He then declared that it had submitted a medical certificate valid.

It also declares to waive the Organizer and its representatives and volunteers from any and all liability whether civil or criminal, or otherwise, on the organization of the event in question before, during and after the event. The organization may suspend or cancel the event in the aim to ensure the greatest possible safety.

Claims to have read the entire regulation carefully, understand it and accept its terms without reservation.

Authorization and consent to the processing of personal data
Art. 19

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 (on protection of personal data), which replaced the Law 675/1996, the processing of information relating to participants will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and the protection their privacy and their rights. In accordance with Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, we provide the following information:

  1. The data will be used within the bounds of privacy laws, for the following purposes: project analysis, project selection, invitations to meetings, information;
  2. The data will be processed using paper and / or electronic means;
  3. The provision of data relating to name, address it is necessary to be able to afford to participate in the contest of ideas with information and invitations to meetings and any refusal to supply such data may result in the partial or total exclusion from the race; the provision of data relating to telephone is required for safety reasons having to communicate in a timely manner;
  4. We inform you that the personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union as well as personal data disclosing sex life and personal, sensitive data. These data, together with data records, if any, granted, will not be processed without prior express written permission;
  5. The data controller is I TUSCANIA A.S.D. represented by its Chairman;
  6. The processing of data takes place at the headquarters of the organization;
  7. At any time you can exercise your rights towards the data controller, in accordance with art. 7 of the Privacy Code. In particular, members can ask about the existence of personal data that may affect them; to obtain without delay the communication in an intelligible form of the data and of their origin, the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of the data processed in violation of the law; updating, rectification or integration of data; certification that the above transactions have been made known to those to whom the data were disclosed, except where this requirement proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right; to object, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, the processing of your personal data, pertinent for collection purposes.

Having read the information and regulation during registration is confirmed consent to the processing of data written to the purposes and in the manner described in paragraphs 1 to 7.

Acceptance of the rules
Art. 20

Participants who sign up for the CRT accept all the points of this Regulation, therefore, the conclusion of the practice of enrollment will require the acceptance of the entire regulation. The riders also accept full responsibility and release exhaust permission and consent to the processing of personal data on the regulation. Participation is the sole responsibility of the competitors who, in full knowledge of the danger of competition and the environment in which it is made and in full awareness of their actual physical or psychological abilities, at the moment of the race waive any action against the organizers in case of damage and additional consequences arising after the race.